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Successful Public Speaking
Successful Public Speaking
by Arina Nikitina

Successful Public Speaking is the book that tells anything about public speaking. Beginning with introduction, evolution, fear, components successful speech, and three P’s for successful speech. They will help us to more understand about public speaking, so that we can increase our public speaking. The author, Arina Nikitina is a self-help expert, psychologist, blogger, speaker, and a founder of www.goal-setting-guide.com, one of the largest self-improvement portals that cover a wide range of topics such as: goals setting, motivation, communication, leadership, productivity and success.
This book aimed to make the reader becomes a good speaker which knows what the components of successful public speaking, then, there are some guidelines before doing the performance to make it successful. This book also explains about the audiences—who will be listening to your speech. Arina Nikita (2011) said that, if you do not understand the people who will be listening to you, you will not be able to reach them. This is same as Christopher Truk (2003) said that, thinking about the audience is the first stage in preparing to give a successful talk or presentation. This book provides some component for successful public speaking. One of the components is visual aids. It can help the speaker easy to transfer the material. It makes your performance looked more vivid, graphic, and looking professional. Stave Mandel stated the same idea (2000), the visual aids help speaker to get the focus from the audiences, stimulate audiences’ interest, and make it easy to visualize illustration. In addition, preparation is the first step to make your speech is successful. Because preparation will make speaker more confident when talk in front of many people.

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