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Admission Test
Every student must take the admission test unless he/she meets the requirements of direct admission criteria set forth by the university. Students, having outstanding results in their previous examinations, may be allowed to get admitted in the university directly but it is not a fundamental right. Students will be selected for admission considering their admission tests, previous academic results, moral character and some other related factors. Admission test includes written examination as well as viva voce.

Exemption of Written Test

Applicants who have total GPA 7.00 or above in SSC & HSC combined may be exempted from written test. However, they will be required to appear at the viva voce. All applicants exempted from written test will have to attend the Placement Test on English. Students seeking scholarship on the basis of performance in admission test may sit for written test. English section of Admission Test of relevant program will be considered as Placement Test.

Distribution of Marks for Admission Test

Distribution of marks for admission test is as follows:

1. Written examination for Bachelor of Business Administration program:

        i. English (SAT based)                               40 marks

        ii. Aptitude Test                                        10 marks

        iii. Quantitative                                        20 marks (Basic Arithmetic & Basic Geometry)

        iv. SSC & HSC                                           30 marks
        Total                                                       100 marks

2. Written examination for MBA (Regular) program:

        i. English                                                       30 marks

       ii. Quantitative Skill & Analytical Ability         10 marks

      iii. General Knowledge                                  10 marks

            Total                                                        50 marks

3. Written examination for Engineering and Science related undergraduate programs

       i. English (SAT based)                                           30 marks

      ii. Physics / Chemistry                                            20 marks

     iii. Math / Biology                                                     20 marks

     iv SSC & HSC                                                           30 marks

         Total                                                                  100 marks

4. Written examination for Arts, Law and Social science related undergraduate programs:

           i. English (SAT based)                                                40 marks

          ii. Aptitude Test                                                          10 marks
         iii. General Knowledge                                                 20 marks

         iv SSC & HSC                                                               30 marks

               Total                                                                    100 marks

5. Written examination for B.A in English program:

          i. English                                              70 marks

         ii. SSC & HSC                                        30 marks

              Total                                               100 marks