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Overview of Research Collaboration through Networking among Universities                                                                                                                      1-7



 Junaid M. Shaikh



Identifying the Factors of Life Style that Influence Undergraduate Private             9-13



Universities Students for Using Networking Sites.



Nafisa Newaz 



Financial factors affecting the capital structure of banking industry of Bangladesh:    15-21



an empirical conducted on listed banks in the Dhaka stock exchange



Washeka Anjom 



 Science and Engineering


An Overview of Textile fiber density.                                                     23-27


Mafzal Ahmed

A study on households solid waste management in chittagong city                 29-36



Afsana Alam Akhie, Md. Abu Yisif and Farhana Jabin



Isolated offline handwritten English digit recognition system using diagonal      37-45


 feature extraction technique


Manoara Begum, Nayan Kumar Nath, Tahmida Akter and Dr. Mohammad Khairul Islam


Kohonen Neural networks based handwritten bangla character recognition      47-53


Yasmin Ara Akter and Taslima Binte Hossain 


An approach to improve airline reservation system & data analysis                55-61


Anupia Barua and Manisha Biswas


Applications of conformal mapping in science and engineering                   63-68


Md. Aminul Islam



Estimation of global, diffuse and beam solar radiation on horizontal surface of      69-72


Bangladesh by using meteorological parameters based model 


Sajib Barua, Shaiful Kabir, Main Uddin