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Adaptation of Creative Accounting Practices: – A case study on its solution among

 Accountants and Auditors of Non Listed Companies                                          1-15


 Asif Mahbub Karim , Junaid M Shaikh , Oo Yu Hock



Scenario of classified loan and recovery performance: a study conducted on janata bank limited                                                                                                           16-23



Mossammat Kamrun Nahar 




Grameenphone’s (GP's) Prosperity Depends on Customers' Satisfaction                24-37



Azmat Ullah, K.M. Rafiur Rahm 


 Science and Engineering


Effect of dyeing parameters-ph and temperature in disperse dyeing                        38-44



Nur-Us-Shafa Mazumder, Md. Mehedi Hasan Tusher, Md. Ashif Hossain Shuvo



A study on concrete strength in marine and natural environment in Chittagong city  45-51



M.N.Uddin, S.Rahman, N.Tamanna



The essence of power electronics devices on renewable energy sources                     52-66



A Geo-visual Analytics Approach for Geospatial and Temporal Data                     67-72



Monisha Biswas, Md. Monjur-Ul-Hasan 



Anti-corruption BD: A platform for fighting corruption in Bangladesh                 73-79



Kamrul Hossain Patwary, Ahmed Imteaj, Fujaila Shahnaj, Saika Zaman, Md. Rashedul Islam



On the performance evaluation of social aware routing protocols in delay-tolerant networks                                                                                                       80-88



Maqsudur Rahman, Sowmitra Das



Newton’s forward interpolation: a better interpolation to find a polynomial curve through numerical data                                                                                                  89-95



S.M Osman Gani, Syed Anayet Karim , Mamun-Or-Rashid