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Modern Banking And The Changes In Consumption Behavior Of Middle Class Families In Bangladesh: An Empirical Study



 md. Mahofuzur Rahman                                                                             1-09




Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction of Women Workers of Readymade Garment (RMG) Sector in Bangladesh: A Study on Chittagong Export Processing Zone (CEPZ)                                                                                                           10-17





Md. Musa, Sharmin Akther and Farzana Amin 




Major Determinants of Job Satisfaction of Private University Teachers in Bangladesh                                                                                                                18-22



Sharmin Akther, Farzana Amin and Azmat Ullah 


Mobile Banking in Bangladesh: An Empirical Analysis                                    23-37




Md. Nokir Uddin and Liton Chandra Sarker 


 Science and Engineering


A Study on Application of Gaussian Elimination Method in Real Life                     38-42




Ms. Jamila and Syed Anayet Karim



Calculation of a Polynomial using Lagranges Interpolation Formula                   43-47



Salena Akther and Md. Aminul Islam



An OOP Based System to Detect Diabetes Mellitus                                                                                                                48-56


Jarin Tasnim Tonvi, Sadia Islam, Takia Ibnath, Md. Sabir Hossain, 


Md. Shafiul Alam Forhad and Mohammad Shibli Kaysar 


Study on The Effects of Different Parameters on The Spirality of Single Jersey Knitted Fabrics                                                                                                       57-63



Rajia Sultana, Tahmina Jahan and Rezaul Karim 




S.M Osman Gani, Syed Anayet Karim , Mamun-Or-Rashid 

 Social Studies


A Study on Application of Gaussian Elimination Method in Real Life                     64-68




S.M. Muktadir Billah Munim



New Media as The Tools of Social Interaction Among Youths: An Analysis of Interactive Communication                   69-85



Jewel Das