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PCIU Celebrating 10th Founding Anniversary (17/05/2023)||Tribute to Ratnagarva Begum Ashrafunnesa (Founder member of Port City International University), the mother of Mr. AKM Enamul Hoque Shameem MP, Hon’ble Deputy Minister, Ministry of Water Resources, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh & Founder of Port City International University on her 5th death anniversary (May 15, 2023).||Inauguration of Faculty Training and Development Program for 25th batch faculty members organized by Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) in association with Center for Training and Development (CTD)||The 48th meeting of Port City International University Trust was held on May 7, 2023 on online platform||"স্মার্ট বাংলাদেশের স্বপ্নে বঙ্গবন্ধুর জন্মদিন, শিশুদের চোখ সমৃদ্ধির স্বপ্নে রঙিন" ||Online Admission for Summer-2023 is going on||Dept. of law participated CLEA conference in India|| Department of CEN at PCIU hosted the 'CENtroid 2023' an inter-university mechanics olympiad|| Practical Surveying Campaign, Spring 2023 of Dept. of CEN has been started.|| ||Dept. of law participated CLEA conference in India || MOU has been signed between CIHE and PCIU (05-02-2023) || Dr. Hasina Iasmin has joined as Associate Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering having Ph.D. from Saitama University, Japan ||Accreditation of Civil, EEE, CSE, Textile is in progress.||A seminar on “cancer awareness” held ||
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Journal (Volume - 1, Issue – 2)

Port City International University publishes journal in every year.It 's peer reviewed multidisciplinary journal publishing original and high-quality articles, research reports, case studies etc. covering a wide range of topics in Humanities, Social Sciences, Business, Science and Technology and so on. These are half-Yearly journals publish in December & June of each year by the Port City International University. Its editorial board has been formed with the combination of country’s eminent Professors. The editorial board expects that every issue of the journal will be particularly interesting due to the author’s contribution as they invite manuscripts with scholarly debates and innovative thoughts on original research works, theoretical papers, literature reviews and short communications. Port City International University has also taken an initiative to increase the interconnectivity through networking and resource sharing amongst its affiliated college teacher’s by these.

Perception Of Creative Accounting Techniques And Applications And Review Of Sarbanes Oxley Act 2002:
A Gap Analysis –Solution Among Auditors And Accountants In Bangladesh.

Asif Mahbub Karim, Dr. Junaid M Shaikh And Dr. Oo Yu Hock


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Human Resource Accounting Information System (Hrais) And Its Impact On Human Resource Department (Hrd):
An Overview Of Selected Listed Commercial Banks Of Bangladesh.

Md. Mahofuzur Rahman, Md. Jahangir AlamAnd Asif Mahbub Karim

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Science and Engineering
An Overview of Blow Room-The First Operation of Spinning Department.

Mafzal Ahmed

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Effect of Changing Arm Pressure of Drafting Zone of A Roving Frame on Yarn Quality

NafisAbir, Sanaullahmurad, Nur- Us- Shafa Mojumder

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On The Relationship Between Sediment Build-Up On Roads and Antecedent Dry Days.

Sudip Kumar Pal, Tareq Mahmood And Md. Rakibul Islam

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An Assessment Of The Feasibility Of Ecological Sanitation (Ecosan): Bangladesh Perspective.

M.F.R. Zuthi, M HMazumder,S. A. Eti,M. I. Shovon

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Domestic Rainwater Harvesting: A Feasibility Study of Socio-Economic Aspects in Chandgaon Residential Area.

Md. Abu Yusuf And Farhana Jabin

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A Study on Effect of Industrial Effluents on Surrounding Environment (Water Body).

Md. Abu Yusuf, Fahmida Parvin, Md. Arifur Rahman And Indrajit Barua

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Highway Materials - A Case Study on Joydevpur-Mymensingh Road Imrpovement Project.

Ehsanul Kabir, S. M. Rahat Rahman And Md. Abul Kalam Azad

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A Scoping Review Of Congestion Pricing: Past Work and Its Implementation Benefits.

S. M. R. Rahman, E. Kabir And M. R. Mannan

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Publishing Linked Open Data on Independence History of Bangladesh Based on Semantic Web

Sajib Tripura ,Nayan Kumar Nath And Sowmitra Das

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Several Applications of Natural Numbers in Real World.

Mithun Chandra Nath And Syed Anayet Karim

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Numerical Integration of Higher Order Quadrature Method of Cauchy Principal Value Integrals.

Mithun Chandra Nath And Syed Anayet Karim

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Viscosity Correlation For Some Binary Alkanol Systems.

M. Mehedi Hasan Rocky, M. Amzad Hossain Bhuyan And Shamim Akhtar

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Correlation of Viscosity For Some Binary Organic Liquid Systems.

M. Mehedi Hasan Rocky, M. Amzad Hossain Bhuyan And Shamim Akhtar

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Eye – Heart: A Mortal War Or Oneness in Love in Shakespeare’s Sonnets 46 And 47.

Rayhana Fatema Chowdhury

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Disproving Myths and Misconceptions About Judicial Enforceability of Socio-Economic Right.

Jakir Hossian

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An Overview Over Risk Factors of Juvenile Delinquency & The Features of Effective Intervention of Youth Offenders.

Sadia Sharmin

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Short Communication
David Garland (2000). The Culture of High Crime Societies: Some Preconditions of Recent 'Law and Order' Policies”. British Journal of Criminology, 40 (3):347-375;

Nizam Uddin & Md. Bayzid

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