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Volume -9 Issue (1 & 2) December-22

It is my immense pleasure to publish the Port City International Journal, Vol. 9: 2022 within a reasonable time-frame without compromising on the quality of the research work. Honorable Advisory Board, A panel of Reviewer Board and also a supportive Editorial Board were with me throughout the process of publishing this journal.


The entire Board and I strongly encourage all of you to submit high quality authentic and invaluable original research works on contemporary aspects of Economy, Business, Humanities, Social Science, Law, Science and Technology. The publication of these papers is followed by a peer-reviewing process before a decision for final acceptance for publication is taken. This time, a substantial number of articles were reviewed, from which only ten papers have been selected. Among these ten papers, three papers focused on Humanities, three paper related to Business and remaining papers closely associated with Science and Technology.


I extend heartfelt thanks to all authors for their research works publish in this volume I would like to acknowledge my debt of gratitude to all reviewers whose insightful suggestions have shaped up and all the articles. In addition, I would like to express sincere thanks to the Board of Trustees and Registrar of PCIU for their wholehearted support and. Co-operation in order to publishing the journal in due time


Finally, my earnest thanks also goes to Prof. Dr. Nural Anwar, Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, Port City International University, Chattogram and all of the respected members of the Editorial Board, whose support was my inspiration throughout this journey.

Prof. Dr. Md. Abu Taher Ph.D.(CU); Post-Doc(Texas)
Chief Editor
Port City International University Journal
Port City International University, Chittagong

Business Studies
E-Commerce of Bangladesh During Covid-19 Pandemic: An Empirical Study .

 Kaniz Morshed



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Factors Affecting Profitability of the Listed Commercial Banks of Bangladesh: An Empirical Study.        

Washeka Anjom

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Determinants of Profitability of The Non-Banking Financial Institutions of Bangladesh-An Empirical Study

Farzana Rashid and Washeka Anjom


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Science and Engineering
.Evaluation of The Physical and Color Property Changes Due to The Application of Potassium Permanganate (Pp) Spray on Raw Denim Fabric 

Niaz Morshed Rifat, Md. Rafiul Islam, Sheikh Sha Alam, Md. Sayem Ali Chowdhury, and Md. Farhad Hossan

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Assessment of Physical and Chemical Properties of Municipal Solid Waste, A Case Study in Chattogram City Corporation Area 

M.J. Alam, M.H. Masum, M.S. Islam, I. J. Ruva

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Design and Analysis of a Slotted Microstrip Patch Antenna with DGS for ISM Band

Md. Fokhrul Islam

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Combined Effects of Radiation and Viscous Dissipation on Unsteady MHD Flow with Convective Thermal Boundary Conditions

Md. Aminul Islam, Romena Akter and S.M. Osman Gani

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A Farewell to Arms by Hemingway: A Close Analysis from Naturalistic Perspective

Tasnif Mahmud Sayanna

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Eliot's J. Alfred Prufrock: A Paradigmatic Surrogate of The Bleak Vision of Urban Life  

Priyanka Muhury

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Yeats: A Modern Poet with Romantic Spirit 

Sadatun Nesa

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