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Exam Related FAQ

Most of the students of PCIU are facing problems about our examination system.If you are facing the same problem you can check our examination related FAQ.Here you can read the answers to the most common questions about examination

How can I get my admit card or exam clearance?
To get your exam clearance, you ought to pay your exam fees in Account Section following the schedule date and the Account Section will generate your exam clearance. You need to preserve the clearance for the exam.
What is the fees of improvement exam?
The student have to pay 40% of the course fee to attend the mid-term improvement exam and 60% for the final.
How I can give midterm/final incomplete exam?
Collect the improvement form from the department office and fill up the form. Then go to accounts section and pay required fees for incomplete exam which in to be signed by accounts section for clearance.Then you submit the form to the department office.
How can I get my result from website?
At first visit PCIU website(portcity.edu.bd) then Select the menu ( Academic > Academic result online ) put your ID on Academic Result (Std Id) option Click Result then you can get your result.
How can I get the total result of the courses that I have completed?
Please go to the exam section and collect your transcript.
I have two exams in same slot. Can I attend the improvement exam without fee?
You can attend the improvement exam without fee in case of overlapping of exam.
What is the minimum CGPA to get the certificate?
The minimum CGPA is 2.50 to get the certificate.
Eligibility to attend is the final Improvement Exam?
Students those who got “Grade B” or less may apply for improvement
How can I select Supervisor for internship?
When you complete minimum credit of the all the semester in your department ( Eg- CSE) at PCIU. Then PCIU arrange department wise meeting for selecting supervisor for the student, after complete the meeting PCIU make a department wise student list with including supervisor list . In this list you will get your supervisor.