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Seminar on ‘Social and Behavior Change Communication to promote Children’s Rights’ Organized by Journalism Department

14 June 2022, 02:34 PM

Department of Journalism and Media Studies hosted a seminar titled "Social and Behavior Change Communication to Promote Children's Rights" on June 12, 2022, at the Port City International Campus (PCIU) auditorium. As part of the curriculum integration of the development communication and media advocacy course, the department organized the seminar in collaboration with the Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC). Ms. Gita Das, Social and Behavior Change Officer, UNICEF Bangladesh, Chittagong Division, and Mr. MongYai, Program Officer, UNICEF Bangladesh, Rangamati Sub-office, were the seminar's resource persons.

Professor Dr. Md. Nural Anwar, Hon’ble VC of the university, was present as the Chief Guest at the seminar while Dr. Mohammad Sahid Ullah, Coordinator, Department of Journalism and Media Studies, PCIU and Professor, Department of Communication and Journalism, University of Chittagong, was present as special guest.

Mr. Jewel Das, Chairman and Assistant Professor of the department, presided over the seminar while Prof. Dr. Ganesh Chandra Roy, Treasurer of PCIU, teachers, and students were present.The welcome speech was given by DilrubaAkter, a Senior Lecturer and former Chairman of the Department.

Chief Guest, in his speech, addressed the positive change in social behavior towards the children and also discussed the contribution of public and private development organizations to the valuation of children. Ms. Gita Das, the seminar's resource person, spoke on children's rights and the role of concerned organizations in promoting those rights. Mr. MongYai spoke about his experiences with UNICEF's Communication for Development (C4D) initiative and its varied activities and communication tactics.

During the question and answer phase, the seminar, which was moderated by Mr. AquibUlWadudAlam, a lecturer in the department, got participatory. The chairman gave a vote of appreciation to conclude the meeting. He also expressed gratitude to the university administration and UNICEF for their assistance during the seminar.