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Volume 7 (Issue 1& 2 December, 2020)

It is my pleasure to see that the journey of PCIU Journal is continuing at the desired pace with the publication of volume 7 Issue (1 & 2) 2020. Indeed, it is a long, arduous but fruit-bearing venture. This volume contains as many as ten articles in the field of business, science and technology and other related subject areas. 
The articles of PCIU journal has been chosen by following the principles and guidelines enacted by the PCIU. The editorial board have conducted a meeting to scrutinize and reviewed the submitted articles and the selected articles were sent to reviewers. The authors were asked to revise their articles in light of reviewer's comments (whenever needed). The revised articles were further reviewed and checked by the editorial board members before going for final publication. However, it is the honorable readers who would judge the quality of the articles. 
I sincerely express my heartfelt thanks and congratulate the authors who have submitted their articles to be published in this journal. I would also like to express my sincere appreciation to the members of editorial board, the reviewers and all others involved in the process of publication of this journal for their commendable contribution. 
I also express my heartfelt gratitude to Prof. Dr. Nural Anwar, Hon’ble VC of PCIU for his relentless support and co-operation who took much trouble to get this journal published. the editorial board is greatly indebted to the chief patron Mr. A. K. M. Enamul Hoque Shameem, Founder President of PCIU and Hon’ble Deputy Minister, Ministry of Water Resources, Government of People’s Republic Bangladesh for his valuable advice and also financial support in order to publishing the journal.
Finally, I am shouldering every responsibility regarding any unintentional mistakes.
 May Almighty Allah bless us all.

Prof. Dr. Md. Abu Taher
Chief Editor
Port City International University Journal
Port City International University, Chittagong

Science and Engineering
Recognition of Bangla Characters from braille Notation using Convolutional Neural Networks

 Sowmitra Das, Nisha Mony Das, Md. Saimon Hossain and Emam Hossain


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A machine Learning Based Approach t on Tourists' Rating Reviews

Emam Hossain and Sowmitra Das

9 View Journal
Performance Analysis of Ensemble Methods in Predicting Buying Intention of Online Shoppers'

Mohammed Armanuzzaman Chowdhury, Abdur Rahman, Gobinda Chakraborty

17 View Journal
Automatic Headline Generation (AHG) From Single Bengali Document Using LSTM

Abdur Rahman, Satyajit Sen, Mohammed Armanuzzaman Chowdhury

27 View Journal
Absorption Rate Analysis of Implantable and on-Body Matched Antennas' Radiation on the Human Body 

Akib Jayed Islam

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Design and Performance Analysis of a Six-Element Mimo Antenna For UWB Portable Applications 

Swarup Chakraborty, Md. Mehedi Farhad 

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A New Approximation Method for the Estimation of Viscosities of Liquid Mixtures Using Unifac-Visco Model  

M. Mehedi Hasan Rocky, Igbal Hossen, M. Kamrul Hassan, Syeda Rahimon 55-62 Naher, Shamim Akhtar 

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Minimizing Lead Time to Increase Production Efficiency in Apparel Industry Through Line Balancing  

Md. Nazif Hasan Chowdhury, Abdul Kayum', Riazul Alam Shihab 

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A Close Investigation of The Interaction Between the Individual and the Society in the American Scholar by Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Md. Rashed Khan Milon 

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Oral Presentations in English and the Barriers Faced by Bangladeshi Engineering Undergraduates 

Nahida Sultana, Fatema Sultana and Mohammad Kamrul Hassan 

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